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Britney Spears recently spoke out against her conservatorship. The transcript will be added soon later.
ACCESS: 4 Star Army General Mark Milley makes an impactful statement about critical race theory. Transcript with descriptions: Video opens with green…
This fashion icon from Louisiana has something to say! Transcript with descriptions: Video opens with green hand animation signing "ACCESS". Video shows a split screen. On the left: an individual stands in their kitchen wearing a stylish outfit and two different kinds of shoes. On the right, an interpreter. The baddest bitch from Louisiana is checkin' back in. Yeah, I took a break for a minute but I'm back, clearly lookin' good as ever. [Smacks butt] You can't edit videos, sweetheart. Take a picture of this, screenshot it and send it in the muthafuckin' group chat! Talk about THIS. Talk about this because I look good in real muthafuckin' life! Uh-oh, uh-oh! And when I get to doin' like this and cuttin' up on my muthafuckin' story, your man start floodin' my DMs and that's why you fuckin' mad? I don't respond, sweetie, you can have him! You can have him because I got what? Options. You see how I'm set up! Oooooh, you mad! Look, I look good from any angle. Anyway! [Laughs] I'ma talk to you later, ugly. Let me get the fuck up outta here. Yeah I'm still bow-legged and with two different shoes, and what about it? I still look better than you! The fuck?! [End screen reads: Support access by donating. Use our services: captions, transcripts, voiceovers, video interpreters. aslcaptions.com. A green animation shows two hands signing "ACCESS".] Original video: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CQW9kFDJHj9/?utm_medium=copy_link Interpreted by: Romduol Ngov (IG: @hopeestheim7) Link To Original Video: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CQW9kFDJHj9/?utm_medium=copy_link Interpreter: