We are hiring!

Job title: ASL Captioner
Location: DPAN Studio in Ferndale, MI
Terms: Part-time 20 hours max per week.
Rate: TBD

About the job: This job will be focused on syncing signs on video with captions. Captioner will not be required to transcribe ASL to english, that is another job. Captioner will work closely with DPAN team members on video and text files, using an eye for detail to ensure the highest quality of completed work. We have successfully trained deaf captioners and would like to hire another. 


  • Tech savvy (Must know their way around a computer) 
  • Good organization skills 
  • ASL friendly
  • Attention to detail 
  • Good time management
  • Must be able to drive to studio 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Match captions with signs precisely
  • Quality check your captions  
  • Engage in regular communication with DPAN team members
  • Track and manage progress 

Captioning experience is not required. Full training will be provided on how to perform all duties successfully, including but not limited to captioning software, shortcuts, and quality checking and assurance. 

Captioner will be provided with a dedicated workstation at DPAN. 

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