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Deaf and Partially Blind Dog Rescues Lost 3-Year Old Girl

A deaf and partly blind dog in Australia, who is named Max and is 17 years old, is hailed as a hero for saving a 3-year old girl who got lost into the bush near her home.


On Friday afternoon, the girl wandered alone more than one mile away from her family home. The dog Max (which seems to be the family dog) followed her and stayed with her overnight with rain falling and temperatures in the 50’s.


The girl’s family reported her missing and there was a search that evening, but they didn’t find her. In the morning, more than 100 volunteers and police looked for her. They finally heard the girl from the top of a mountain, and when they went up, they first saw the dog Max, who led them to the girl.


The girl was okay, had no serious injuries other than cuts. She had gone through very rough terrain. What a relief.


Max was honored as a “police dog.”


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