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Deaf Couple Teased by KFC Employees

A Deaf woman, Bobbie Cole, said employees at a KFC restaurant in Byram, Mississippi discriminated against her and her husband, Mike, when they tried to order food at a drive-thru on Wednesday night.


Bobbie’s daughter, Donna Curtis — who is a CODA — posted an emotional LIVE video, using sign and voice, Thursday that was shared over 22,000 times, it went viral.


Bobbie said her mother wanted to go inside KFC, but saw that it was locked, so she went to the drive-thru. She is deaf and can use her voice. She used her voice to place her order, indicating she was deaf and could read lips.


When she pulled to the window, the KFC employee covered her mouth as she spoke to her, and laughed with a co-worker.


Bobbie (the mother) told WJTV news that it made her upset and hurt, that the employees made fun of people who were handicapped or deaf.


Donna (the daughter) in her vlog said it was discrimination and wanted her video to be shared so the message could get out.


This story was on several local news articles. Marlee Matlin tweeted about this, saying no one should be treated this way.


KFC issued a statement saying they would do an investigation and that the restaurant franchise director is reaching out to her.


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