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Milk Shakes Up Dairy Industry

Got milk? Over the last four years milk sales have fallen about 7% every year. This is due to increasing popularity of new alternatives such as almond milk and dairy-free ice cream.


In New Zealand a company invented a new type of milk called A2 milk. This milk is different from regular milk because regular milk has two proteins in it: A1 and A2, but the new type of milk only has the A2 protein. The company’s name is a2 Milk Co.


People who support A2 milk say that it is the A1 protein that causes indigestion. They say that lactose-free milk still causes indigestion because it has A1 proteins in it.


Opponents of the new milk say there isn’t enough research. There are a few studies out there that are supportive but they are funded by a2 Milk Co.


Some major dairy companies like Nestle and Fonterra that originally criticized A2 milk are now selling it.


Fonterra said it changed its mind because customers like to have choices and there has been a steady rise in sales. They are now partnering with a2 Milk Co. to produce their new A2 milk product.


Nestle has been selling A2 infant formula in China. They said that the feedback has been very positive so far and sales are up.


A2 milk is already being sold in different parts of the U.S. in stores like Wegmans in the NorthEast and some Whole Foods stores in California.


The U.S. National Dairy Council released a statement saying that there is no current evidence that A2 milk has more nutritional or health benefits than regular milk.


It’s interesting to see this A2 milk. What do you think of this?


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