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3 U.S. Marines Declared Dead in Crash

Three US Marines have been declared dead. What happened?


On Saturday afternoon, August 5th, near Queensland, Australia, 26 US Marines on an aircraft approached and planned to land on a Navy ship called the USS Green Bay. Suddenly, something happened. The aircraft crashed into the back of USS Green Bay and sank into the water. Twenty-three of the Marines were rescued, but three were still missing.


The Australian Navy ship worked with the US Navy in a search and rescue mission. They found the aircraft and searched around the area until Sunday morning before calling it off.


On  Monday, August 7th, the US Marines declared the three Marines dead. Their families were informed before the announcement. The accident is now under investigation.


The three Marines are First Lieutenant Benjamin Cross, 26, from Maine,


Corporal Nathaniel Ordway, 21, from Kansas,


and Private First Class Ruben Velasco, 19, from California.


We thank them for their dedication and service.



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