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3rd Major Quake in Mexico

Since September 8th, Mexico has been hit with three major earthquakes with the most recent being on Saturday morning. There were also aftershocks later in the day.


The first quake of the day was when a strong 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit about 275 miles southeast of Mexico City. Another one hit the area, measuring at 4.5, later that night. Highways across the area that were already damaged from other earthquakes are now collapsing.


The earthquakes happened while rescuers had been working day and night sorting through the rubble to find survivors. The first couple of earthquakes already killed more than four hundred people, and that number is expected to rise as rescuers find more bodies. Thousands are temporarily homeless and many of them will not be able to return to their homes at all. Over a thousand buildings are deemed unsafe and not available for use, including schools, apartment complexes and government buildings.


Representatives from Mexico have been working on getting more countries involved in search and rescue operations. One way they are doing this is by going to the United Nations general assembly where there are representatives from almost 200 other countries. There, representatives of Mexico can try and ask for support. Countries like Israel and Japan have sent people to help. Rescuers are working as hard as possible, but say the process could still take at least a couple weeks.


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