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9/11 Victim Finally Identified

On Monday, August 7th, the New York City Medical Examiner office announced that a deceased victim from the September 11 attacks has finally been identified. Now, his family can get some closure.


The male victim is officially the 1,641st victim to have died from the tragedy. His body was recovered from Ground Zero where the World Trade Center collapsed. For years, the NYC Medical Examiner had been doing DNA testing and retesting on thousands and thousands of samples recovered from Ground Zero. This is how they identified the man.


The family asked the NYC Medical Examiner to not share the name of the victim out of respect and privacy.


1,641 people. That is only the number of people we know actually died from the attack. There are 1,112 more people that still have yet to be identified. That means we have identified only about 60% of the victims with about 40% remaining. Many people still don’t know for sure that their loved ones died on that day.


About 100 of these victims did not have family to participate in DNA testing which makes the identification process more difficult.


The last time a victim was identified was in March 2015, about two and half years ago. We do know his name: Matthew David Yarnell.


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