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A City For Deaf People?

Can you imagine a town for Deaf people? A town that is 100% Deaf friendly and everyone knows ASL? That’s what’s happening in El Paso, Texas.


Deafville is being created so that Deaf people can get around and do their daily tasks, such as ordering coffee and food, more efficiently. They will also have access to more opportunities in the workforce.


Deafville is located in The Village of Rio Valley. There will be condos for $800 a month with insurance and taxes, townhouses for around $1,200 a month, and single family homes from $175,000 to $300,000. Doorbell lights will flash in all rooms in 2-3 different colors. More than 30 lots have already been sold.


A Main Street in Deafville is currently being planned. There, businesses will be staffed with people who can communicate using both spoken English and ASL.

What do you think? Is this a place you’d like to live in? Let us know.


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