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An ISIS attack seems to occur every 84 hours

This year, a concerning amount of attacks linked to ISIS have occurred in Europe and beyond in the countries of Turkey, Bangladesh, the United States, Indonesia and more.According to IntelCenter, a group that tracks terrorism, there has been an increased amount of attacks directed or inspired by ISIS every 84 hours. Since June 8th, these attacks have occurred in cities outside of warzones in Iraq, Syria, and Egypt.


More thanhalf of these attacks have been in smaller cities that are not usually under threat of terrorism. This has made citizens anxious and fearful for their lives worldwide. It has been a part of many political debates and discussions across the globe.


In a poll after the attack in Nice, France; more than two-thirds of French citizens revealed that they did not trust the government to combat terrorism effectively.

Placing securityguards in every populated church and beach is nearly impossible. The increase in terror attacks in Northern Europe has lead citizens to migrate, and authorities are struggling to protect their citizens as best they can.


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