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ASL Interpreter Bike for Charity

Janna Rowan is a CODA interpreter who has rode her bicycle across the country to raise money for the deaf community.This non-profit organization is called Cycling2give which is based in Michigan. Janna has traveled to Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, and Iowa in the past. And now, on September 9th, she will travel across Michigan to raise money for underprivileged deaf children. We reached out to her to learn more about her great cause.


What inspired me was in 2012, I started to enjoy going on bike rides with the outdoor scenery. Then it hit me.Well in 2012, I started enjoying biking outdoors. A thought came to mind that I ride for several miles, so why not ride my bike and raise money at the same time? Some people are less fortunate and are struggling. So it’s our job to help and I was inspired to help others.


Cycling2give, also called C2G is our organization, and we go biking across the country to raise money to donate to different charities.


I want to add that traveling across Michigan on my bicycle is so important for deaf children. Many deaf children live with hearing families who may not use sign language or have communication barriers. Children are usually isolated, so the camp in Grand Rapids (this is where the city is in MI), will support deaf children from all over the state. They come together and feel united when they are at the camp because they understand each other and share the same struggles and achievements. I feel strongly this is important to help deaf children to be aware of deaf pride and that it’s okay to be proud. They learn to bond with each other which is so essential. Hopefully there will be many donations to help many children who are poor, struggling, or cannot afford the camp which will help encourage families to expose their children to deaf camp. Thank you.


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