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Attack in Times Square

This morning around 7:20 am, in New York City at Times Square, there was an explosion in an underground tunnel. The explosion happened in the tunnel that links the Times Square subway station and Port Authority bus terminal. This Bus Terminal is the largest in the country that hundreds of thousands people use especially with Holidays approaching. There was a surveillance video inside that saw everything, check it out:

The bomber was caught alive and has been arrested. He was brought to the hospital for non-serious injuries. Only 3 other people were injured with headaches and ringing in their ears.


The man in the video was hiding two pipe bombs and one of them malfunctioned, causing the explosion. He later told the police that he made the bombs himself. The police said they were “low-tech” and might’ve detonated at the wrong time. The bomber has been identified as a 27 year old man from Brooklyn, New York. He has lived there for the last 7 years. Several media outlets have said he was inspired by ISIS, but the police did not confirm that yet. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says it was a terrorist attack, but that there are no other threats to worry about at this time.


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