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Bad American Foods

Foods we eat every day are packed with ingredients that could carry nasty, and potentially harmful side effects, yet they're allowed in the United States. Other countries took action and banned them.


Artificial food dyes are often found in macaroni and cheese, baked goods, and candy.


In the United States, boxed Mac & Cheese, cheddar flavored crackers, and Jell-O contain red dye 40, yellow dye 5, yellow dye 6 and blue dye 2, are the most popularly-used dyes. Research has shown these additives cause behavioral problems, as well as cancer, birth defects, and other health problems in laboratory animals.


Olestra, a zero-calorie fat substitute, is found in fat-free potato chips and french fries. This is also found to cause abdominal issues in many Americans.


Another banned food is potassium bromate, found in breads and chips, are linked to kidney and liver damage.  


Just to name a few more, farm salmon and chemicals found in frozen meals are also toxic for your health.


Do you know what’s in your food? Check labels and know what’s going into you and your family’s bodies.



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