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Bank Robber Requests Favorite Prison

A 65-year- old man in Florida, named Chris Peak, likes to rob banks. Peak has been in and out of federal prison all his life, and last year he was released after serving 15 years. While serving this sentence, prison doctors diagnosed Peak with an incurable disease and told him he had only six months to live. That was three years ago.

After his release, Peak was living in a run-down boarding house and had trouble getting medical attention for his disease. So, he decided to rob a bank, get caught, and get sent back to his favorite federal prison. Peak was arrested for bank robbery and when he pleaded guilty in federal court, he asked the judge to sentence him to the maximum term of five years and three months. He told the judge he had a terminal illness that would kill him before the end of his term, and asked the judge to send him to his favorite prison for medical treatment.

The prosecutor said he was “gaming the system.” Judge James Cohn is known to consider people’s requests for specific prisons at sentencing, but for Peak, the judge granted him only half of his wish. He agreed to the maximum sentence, but said the prison system will decide where he will do the time.


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