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Be Cautious of Counterfeit Cash

When you shop at a store, do you ever see the cashier hold up your cash to see if it’s fake or not? Well, this holiday season, stores are cracking down on checking for counterfeit cash.


U.S. Special agent, Jeff Frost, mentions that throughout the United States, now is the time where there is an uprise in counterfeiting money. Due to the holiday season, cashiers are busier than ever. They may not pay close attention to which bills- are real, or fake. More fake cash is manufactured, and is being attempted to be passed as the real deal.


The Federal Reserve found that around the world, the $100 bill is the most counterfeited, but in the U.S., it is the $20 bill. All ATMs dispense $20 bills, so it is the most commonly counterfeited bill.  

The Reserve suggests that when you see someone use a $100 bill at a store, it may be easier to remember that person. Since $20 bills are so commonly used, people don’t get caught.


Counterfeiters will purposely spend money outside of their hometown, in order to avoid fake cash being traced back to them.


In order to not be a victim of using counterfeit cash on accident, check watermarks, colorshifting ink, and other bill identifications. If you find a counterfeit bill, you should report it to the police right away.  

Don’t be a victim of being ripped off.


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