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Beware of Gas Station Criminals

Women at gas stations are being targeted by sly criminals in Texas. Several surveillance videos at gas stations in North Texas showed thieves sneaking into the front seats of cars while women pumped gas or paid for their fuel.

These criminals are called “sliders” because of the way they quickly sneak into cars and take belongings while going completely unnoticed.

Authorities state that Dallas County gas stations have been home to several of these occurrences. Women should be careful and aware of their surroundings while pumping gas in and around gas stations in North Texas.

Sliders are attentive and sneaky. They watch their victims carefully, and strike when they are sure their target is preoccupied.

While many individuals often leave their cars unlocked while pumping gas, authorities are warning against it. Police suggest locking all doors, rolling up all windows, and keeping valuable, and personal items stored away and in a private area of your car.



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