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Blame Your Brain for Lying

Have you ever told a lie? Maybe you were late to work, and then you lied to your boss about why you were late. Well...your brain might be to blame for this!


Research suggests that once you start to lie again and again, it can become easier to lie in the future. Over time, people can tend to feel less guilty over lying.


As people start to tell bigger lies and lie more often, certain areas of the brain can actually become numb.


University College in London associate professor, Dr. Tali Sharot, mentions that when people lie to benefit from something, a part of the brain, called the amygdala, produces a negative feeling of guilt, which limits the amount we tend to lie. But over time, the amygdala reacts less the more we lie. And a lower reaction can result in lies becoming much greater.  


Dr. Sharot’s co worker, Dr. Neil Garrett, says a similar process could also be linked to violence. This involves risk taking and overall behavior. If this behavior continues, it could become more dangerous to your well being.

So, do YOU lie, or do you tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth?


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