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Blinds Dangerous for Children

To parents all over, beware of your window blinds. The string you use to pull the blinds apart can be very dangerous to your children. A published study was conducted on all children under age of 6 who died or were injured from window blinds.


Thousands of children often get small injuries when they pull on the cord and the blinds fall on them. The study found that an average of 1 child dies almost every month from blinds. Almost all of deaths resulted from the cord wrapping around the neck of children, suffocating them.


90% of those cases were under the parents’ supervision. However, children will often disappear just for a minute or two. Parents can’t be aware of where their children are 24/7.


The author of the study, Dr. Gary Smith, says the current system is not working. As of now, it is only voluntary for manufacturers to make those blinds safer for children. Children are still dying even though policies have been improving over the years.  Dr. Smith proposes that the manufacturers of those window blinds should be required to sell window blinds without cords that are easily accessed by children. Be sure to keep an eye on your children and tie any loose strings up, or whatever works for you.


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