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Boy Scouts Welcome Transgender Children

On Monday, January 30th, the Boy Scouts of America announced that instead of accepting members based on the gender stated on their birth certificates, they will accept applications based on what the child or parent lists.

Eight-year-old Joe Maldonado in New Jersey was asked to leave his boy scout troop after the troop leader and parents of other boys in the program found out he was transgender. After the announcement on Monday was made, Maldonado’s mother was called by a Boy Scout representative stating that her son could re-enroll in his troop.

Maldonado’s mother said that she would re-enroll her son only if “the scout leader who threw him out” resigns.

Many are very pleased about this new change in rules. The national Girl Scouts organization also accepts members who are transgender. In July 2015, a ban on gay troop leaders for the boy scouts was lifted, and openly gay youth members are welcome to join as well.


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