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Can you Change your eye color?

Have you ever wanted to change the color of your eyes?


The color of your eyes is based on the amount of melanin. So what exactly is melanin? It’s the dark pigments like black and brown found in the skin, hair and eyes. The higher percentage of melanin you have in your body the darker your eye color will be. People with a higher  percentage of melanin around 80% in their bodies have brown or hazel eyes, those with a medium amount around 50% will have green eyes, and people with the least amount of melanin around 20% are the ones with light or blue eyes.


Many people ask me if my eye color is real. Of course! My eye color is truly blue! Sometimes people want surgery to change their eye color, well……


If you do not like the color of your eyes, there is a solution to permanently change them. The surgery is called “artificial iris system,” where the doctor adds an artificial iris into your eye.


Here take a look


The procedure is painless, and only takes about 15 minutes per eye. Side effects include inflammation and damage of the eye, so people tend to be wary of the procedure.


But what if that’s not the route for you?


People believe eating a new diet can help change the hormones in your body to change your eye color. But some individuals feel like it is not worth it.

So, would you change your eye color, or leave it how it is?


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