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Can you Cook with Human Poop?

Did you know that you can actually cook food with human poop instead of using charcoal? No really, it’s possible!


In August 2015, a company in Kenya used human feces and the sun’s heat to create an environmentally friendly fuel source. The company said that these feces blocks are completely safe and odor-free. It may replace charcoal in the markets, because it would help protect the environment and it’s cheaper to manufacture. The fuel source helps to burn food slowly.


How does it work? The waste is collected and left out in the sun to dry out for a few weeks. This helps to eliminate any moisture. Once this is complete, it will be cooked in an oven or furnace at over 1,200 degrees fahrenheit. This makes the waste safe to use.

The company hopes to increase their production by three times by the end of this year and market it around the world!


So, do you think you would give this a try?



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