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Cancer Labels Required for Weed Killer

Monsanto, a sustainable agriculture company, will be required by the state of California to label its product “Roundup” as a possible cancer threat. Roundup is a weed killer that Monsanto has previously said poses no health-related risks.

Monsanto has stated that the ruling will drive customers away. According to California regulators, the decision was reached in part by a finding from a France-based International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Roundup can be found on shelves in more than 160 countries, and California farmers use the product on over 250 different types of crops. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency- does not restrict Roundup, but does recommend that individuals should not enter a field for at least 12 hours after Roundup has been applied to crops.

What do you think about these rulings? Do you feel comfortable consuming products that have come in contact with Roundup? Let us know.


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