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Car Salesman Signs On TV

Rosina: Recently we noticed a commercial on TV featuring a car salesman talking, and another car salesman signing! Check it out!


JF: “Beat the heat this Saturday and get to Bill Fox Chevrolet in Rochester Hills. Good morning Metro Detroit I’m John Fox here with Rick Hodges- make some room in your schedule to stop into our showroom and check out this Equinox for just $109 a month”


Rosina: We decided to go ahead and interview them and find out more!


Rosina: What are your names, and what do you both do here?


JF: My name is John Fox and I am the owner of Fox Chevrolet Toyota and Volkswagen, and uh being the owner, I oversee from a 10,000 foot level on what our operations do.


RH: And my name is Rick Hodges, I'm the general manager of Fox Toyota and Fox Volkswagen, my responsibilities are to oversee the day-to-day operations of those, both those businesses.


Rosie: I saw your advertisement on TV- how did that idea for an ad come about?


JF: Well, um, we take great pride in being involved in our community and we look for different ways to be involved. And the reason why we went to signing is Rick and I have worked together for quite some time, and I know that he was born to two Deaf parents and we found that um that is one area of this community we weren't reaching out to, and trying  to assist in our day-to-day operations. And that's when I asked Rick if he would start by signing in each one of our commercials, so that we could get the word out that we have someone here that can help, not only in buying a car but in our everyday business.


Rosie: Has embracing diversity helped your business?

RH: I do believe that uh, being as diverse as we are, especially in a very diverse area that we live in, the word is out and we have more and more people coming in to make their buying experience easy. I think it's the lack of communication or the loss of their translation where now they feel very comfortable. They thoroughly understand the buying process.

JF: Yeah if I could expand on that, um, one of the largest areas of concern when it comes to a customer's experience is the communication. And by making this available, whether it be by American Sign Language or the other dialects, it makes that comfort level that much greater. Because every problem that you have in life usually boils down to communication.

Rosie: Now that the ads have aired, do you hope other businesses will follow your lead?

JF: We're surprised that more businesses haven't already picked up on it. Um, even our manufacturers whether it be Chevrolet Toyota or Volkswagen, have recognized what we're doing and have complimented us on it. And I think you'll see this being brought up in more and more dealer meetings following our example and being an example to follow.


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