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Ciera Carter: “Can You Hear Me Now”

Did you know there’s another deaf author who wrote a book? Deaf woman Ciera Carter published her first book in February 2016, titled “Can You Hear Me Now, Hear What My Heart Speaks”. Ciera wrote this to share her story of overcoming obstacles in life and facing a near-death experience.


DTV reached out to Ciera and she has something to share with us.


CIERA: How did I become a book author? This wasn’t my plan. This was God’s plan. He gave it to me. I want to show you the book.


If you feel ready to become a book author. Go on and do it now. But first, build your confidence before you’re ready to share your stories with the world. But I am proud of who I am today. I survived and I’m here. I went ahead and shared my story with the world. But hey, just remember no matter what happens in the world, don’t let that bother you. And you can be successful at anything that makes you possible. Be proud, and I want to thank you all for watching. Have a blessed day.


You can buy the book now on Amazon.



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