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College Football Playoffs

Hi, I’m Christian. Let’s talk about the College Football Playoffs!

How is it determined which teams are chosen? These playoffs have a Committee that decides who the top 4 teams are, based on their performance over the season. This committee picks the top four, which is Division 1. This group is called the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS).

These four teams played in the semi-finals last night. The next step after the semi-finals is the national championship. (brief pause) The first game was Oklahoma University, ranked at #2, playing against University of Georgia, ranked at #3. It was a hard fought game. The game was still tied after four quarters at 45-45. This lead the game into overtime, both having a chance to score before ending up tied again at 48-48. Then in second overtime, this happened.

As you can see, University of Georgia won with the final score of 54-48.

This means University of Georgia is heading to the National Championship game to play’ll have to wait and see.

In the second game, the #1 ranked Clemson University, located in South Carolina, played against #4, Alabama.

Alabama beat Clemson easily, even though Clemson was ranked number 1. The final score was 24-6.

University of Alabama goes to the National Championship game to face University of Georgia.

Here’s where the National Championship will be played.


This beautiful stadium is called the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Catch the game next Monday on January 8th at 8pm ET.

Alabama and University of Georgia haven’t faced off yet this season. This will be the first time. The head coaches for each team know each other very well.


The coach for University of Georgia, Kirby Smart, was an assistant coach under the current coach for Alabama, Nick Saban. He worked under Saban for 8 years. In 2016, Smart accepted a new job, becoming head coach for University of Georgia. Smart’s goal is to beat Saban because Saban has beat all of his former assistants 11 times in his career. So, with Saban having beat 11 former assistants, a win from Smart would definitely be a first.


Who do you think will win? University of Georgia or University of Alabama?



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