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Cop Killers Mental Health History

A 34-year-old man Alexander Bonds shot and killed Miosotis Familia, a female New York City police officer in the early morning of July 5th.


On Tuesday night, Bonds’ girlfriend called 911 many times, describing him as paranoid and manic. She tried to follow him, but wasn’t able to keep up. He shot and killed Familia, and was eventually shot and killed by another police officer after pulling out his gun.


New information surfaced about Bonds. Bonds’ family said that he was in the hospital a week before the shooting for having a mental breakdown. His family also has a history of mental illness and mentioned that Bonds has paranoid schizophrenia and refused to take his medication.


Bonds has had trouble with the law before. In 2001, he and a group of people attacked a police officer. In 2004, he was convicted for selling drugs. And in 2006, he was convicted of robbing someone at gunpoint in Syracuse, NY. He was sentenced to a maximum of eight years in prison. Investigators stated that Bonds had posted anti-police rants on his Facebook page.


Officers are seeking help from the public. They ask that if you see people making threats or acting out against police officers, to let them know immediately.



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