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Creating New Limbs for Animals

Veterinarians are now giving 3D prosthetics to animals to help them walk, recover from injuries, and make their lives easier.


Dr. Pauolo Miyamoto, a Brazilian dental surgeon, started using 3D printers to make custom made prosthetics for animals of all kinds.


The 3D printers used by veterinarians work with thin materials to be cut by a laser. Dr. Miamoto made a prosthetic beak for a goose whose beak was damaged in an accident and the surgery was successful. He stated, “Without these prosthetics, most would have been euthanized because there was nobody to care for them.” Derby, a Malamute dog, was born with malformed front feet, can finally run with his 3D prosthetic legs to make his life easier.


The good news is that the 3D printing is cheaper than building prosthetics by hand. Isn’t it so wonderful to see the animals lives get better because of 3D printing?



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