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Dangerous Weather Continues in U.S.

Hello, I am Christian. All week, it has been dangerously cold, right? It can be especially dangerous driving on the roads. Yesterday, I happened to be driving at low speed, about 20 mph below the speed limit. Yet, my car was still fishtailing on the road and I was losing control. At the time, I was panicking and hoping that the car would come to a stop. Still, the car veered out of control and crashed into a divider on the interstate. After crashing, the car rolled over several times. I am fine, but many others went through similar experiences this week. I’ll be expanding on why these situations have been happening.

The freezing weather this week has impacted almost the entire United States. Some exceptions are the Pacific Coast; areas near the water in California or Washington. Areas along the U.S./Mexico border are experiencing warmth as well. But the rest of the U.S. is downright freezing.

What is the cause of this?

The southeastern United States, including Florida, is currently experiencing Winter Storm Grayson. Some Floridians saw snow for the first time this week! Now, the storm is moving north.

And at the same time, northeastern states like New York, New Hampshire and Maine, have a “bomb cyclone” developing in the area. Why is it called a “bomb cyclone”?

The word “bomb” emphasizes the sharp decrease in air pressure causing extreme winds and cold. And the word “cyclone”? Well, here’s what it looks like. It resembles a hurricane with an eye in the middle. So that is why they call it a bomb cyclone.

The northeast will remain very cold and snowy. Temperatures will remain at 10 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Some areas might even reach -10, -20 or even -30 and -35 degrees Fahrenheit. Now that’s cold!

This has caused many thousands of flights to cancel, leaving people stranded. Many schools have closed, mostly in New York and Boston. And there have been power outages as well. The ice and the cold is causing problems with the electricity. Those stuck at home without electricity will still need food and water. Many have been flocking to local stores and emptying their shelves, as you can see here.

So far this week, there have been 12 deaths due to the cold and hypothermia.

Government officials all over are warning drivers to be careful. If you must leave the house, take precaution because the roads are really bad. I’ve definitely learned a lesson from my experience. I hope you will not have to endure something similar. There have been so many accidents lately, as you can see here.

In conditions like these, it’s difficult to maintain control of your car with the lack of traction. When it is snowing, it is hard to see when you have such a limited range of vision.

I encourage all of you to remember to wear your hat and mittens to stay warm! If you must leave the house to run errands or get food and supplies, here’s an idea: ski gear!

I hope you all stay warm and have a safe week and weekend with your families, your friends and your pet dogs and cats.



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