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Deaf Business Promotes Embracing Nature

Forests are essential to our daily lives. They provide the air we breathe, water we drink, and are our primary defense against climate change. Spending time in nature is also linked to lower stress levels, improved working memory, and an overall well-being.


In Japan, there’s a practice called Shinrin-yoku, or in other words, “forest bathing.” It’s already very popular in California. It involves enjoying the natural sights and smells of nature, which in turn, promotes physiological and psychological health.


Brenna DeBartolo is the founder of “Forest Souls,” a socially conscious clothing line. Her experience traveling through forests has inspired her to design her clothing line.


We reached out to Brenna to learn more about her company and new partnership with “American Forests,” who have been dedicated to protecting and restoring forests for over 140 years.



First of all, I want to say congratulations on establishing your company. It’s amazing, wow!


Brenna: Thank you!


Kriston: The design and the logo are awesome. So, I’m curious, what is your inspiration for setting up this company and the brand itself, can you shed some light on that?


Brenna: Yeah! So I started a few years ago when I discovered I had a connection to the number three. I’d been seeing that number a lot, so I decided to do some research and I found that it’s a symbol for a triangle so I kept that in the back of my mind.


I previously worked as an artist and photographer and I traveled to many different places. I joined the corp for the experience to see what everyone was talking be immersed with nature. I went ahead and tried it out for three years. After the experience, I decided to quit because nature does not build cubicles, we did.


So I decided to make a change and step up to the next level by establishing this company and to give back to the community, especially the environment. I thought it over and I remembered the number three. I wanted the number to be applied to this experience because it showcases my character and who I am as a person. I decided on a triangle for the logo, and the name of the company is “Forest Souls.”


One of the reasons for the logo and the name is that I’ve noticed other companies have no personal connection to their logos. For example, there’s this one company whose clothing I love, but I don’t feel they are focused with the micro of the world. I felt limited. Forest Souls is very personal and has character which was a goal when I established it.


A forest is a variety of plants and species. Not just trees but other species that create life, air, water, and more. A soul is the energy of all living things like people, animals, and plants and we are all connected. This is the sign for it. The three and the triangle represents balance. I created a motto which inspired me and I hope it inspires you all too. The motto has only three words. Create. Grow. Balance. There is a picture of a tree with the words written in a circle, because energy never dies.


We have a responsibility to take care of the trees, the earth, and our health, because we are all a part of nature. If we don’t take care of nature we can’t take care of ourselves either, so that’s the thought behind the logo.



Is there a sign for that logo? For your company, what is the sign?

(signs the company logo)

Wow that is amazing!



Yes, thank you!



The sign name completely fits the logo. (signs the company logo) It’s really nice. I did some research and noticed that your company has collaborated with an organization called “American Forest.” What does the partnership look like and what are the objectives with that?



(gulps nervously)<---jk


Good question! After some research, American Forest inspired me because of their long history. They were established in 1875 which means they’ve been around for 142 years! They’re considered the mother of all organizations. They’re the ones who established the National Forest Service, National Forests, and National Parks like Yellowstone. They have set up many different parks and ensure that all locations are in good hands. Also, since the 1900s, there are over 50 million trees in our country, plus another 50 countries all over the world. So just imagine that! It truly impressed me and inspired me to work closely with them and learn as much as I can to educate our community and make connections.


My long term goal is to keep working with them, and I also hope to become more involved with local communities, urban forest organizations, hands on projects, with a lot more coming up in the future!



Wow, that is exciting! So, 50 millions of trees around the world are planted, so which means your products, do we buy them which will help having a tree planted? One tree? How does that work?



Okay, so it depends on how many items a customer orders. For example, if one shirt is ordered, two trees are planted. If 5 orders are put in, then I can do 10-15 trees. It really depends on how much each customer orders and that’s basically how it works. It is also up to me, but I always add more than one tree to each item.



Wow, that’s insane. So far, how many trees have been planted through your company? What is the total amount?



We’ve planted almost 900 trees in eight months!




April 22nd is Earth Day. Take the opportunity to support your local deaf businesses that are socially conscious with their products.


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