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Deaf Dog Rescued from Hurricane Harvey

On Christmas Eve, one lucky deaf dog was adopted and spent his first Christmas day with his new family.


On Christmas Eve, in Canada, Ryan Woolcott and Ashley Pieterse drove for 2 hours from their home to the city of Stoufville, north of Toronto. They were driving there to adopt a 2-year old Deaf dog named Scruffy.


In September, Scruffy had narrowly survived Hurricane Harvey in Houston. At that time, he was wandering the streets before being rescued. A severe ear infection is what caused his deafness. Once Scruffy was healthy, he was flown to Canada by a rescue agency. In Canada, a woman named Marina Bourguignon (bor-gin-YON) took care of him until he could be adopted. Marina had been teaching Scruffy commands in sign language.


Marina isn’t deaf, but is learning the language to teach to Scruffy. Ryan and Ashley say they plan to continue teaching and using sign language with their new dog. If you happen to adopt a deaf dog, here are some signs you might like to know!

1. Sit

2. Stay

3. Bathroom

4. Friend

5. Food


Have you taught signs to your dog? What other signs should Ryan and Ashley know?



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