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Deaf Man killed by Train in Colorado

On Sunday, February 19th, 2017 in Aurora, Colorado, a deaf man was hit by an RTD train while crossing the R Line. This took place during R Line testing around 2 p.m.


According to an Aurora Police Department spokesperson, the man opened the gate and walked directly in front of the train. Footage surveillance of the accident shows that lights flashed while the gate closed, indicating that a train was coming. The man did not look before crossing.


Danny Martinez, a resident in the area, said he sees people pushing through the gates often on other train routes. A business owner said that because trains sometimes don’t arrive when the gates close, it can be confusing to those who need to cross the line.


This is the second train related accident to happen in less than a week. On Tuesday, February 14th, another man was killed when the A train hit his vehicle while he was crossing.

Incidents like these are a tragedy, one that the Aurora Police Department spokesperson says can be avoided when people look out for the warning signs. Make sure to always look out for trains and don’t cross if the gates are closed.


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