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Deaf Man’s BBQ Taste Test

MELISSA: This is Deaf Man’s BBQ sauce!


MELISSA: He has a factory and warehouses but I came here, where it all started, his home kitchen!


RASOOL: You’ll be fine.



MELISSA: You’re right, it started off sweet and then now, my tongue is tingling. There’s a kick.  MMM. Delicious.


RASOOL: It’s not overpowering. You can still taste it-- there’s a nice balance.


MELISSA: Not at all, it’s a perfect spice level. I love it.



MELISSA: Tell me about the first time you made BBQ sauce and how that started.


RASOOL: It started ten years ago, when I asked my mom for the recipe. How do ya make it? I learned from her. I tasted it and was disgusted. It wasn’t good, so I made--




RASOOL: I told her, I make better sauce than you.



RASOOL: I made a couple batches. Then i started selling it as a hobby, and I needed money. Whatever, it was fun. As I was making it, I enjoyed the smells, and the taste of it is just very good.


MELISSA: And now the sweet one. I have a sweet tooth!




MELISSA: Mmm, delicious! It’s very good. It’s very sweet. Smoky. It’s smoky and sweet. And at the same time, it has a tangy flavor.


Deaf Man’s BBQ Presentation Board with 5 different bottled flavors. Bourbon Elite, California Mild, Golden Ale, Smoky Sweet, XXX.


MELISSA:  So what’s your favorite flavor?


RASOOL: Mine? California Mild. One being that it represents my state and two it’s a very good flavor!


“It’s opened our eyes to what actual real BBQ sauce could taste like.” - Barry R.


“My son has stated I finally got him a barbecue sauce that he really enjoys, thumbs up from him is no easy task either.” - Tom S.


“An impressively balanced sauce that is smooth, smoky, aromatic…” - Grill Junkie Guy


“We tasted some delicious and bold BBQ sauces by Deaf Man’s BBQ Sauce.” - Disarray Magazine


“This is hands down the best sauce on either coast.” - Craig E.


Picture of Paul & John Maucere with Rasool  a quote: “One of the best BBQ Sauces I’ve ever tasted!”


#1 Premium Handcrafted BBQ Sauce on the West Coast!


RASOOL: I’m 17 out of 100 for BBQ sauce. So people know...


MELISSA: What does that mean, 17 out of 100?


RASOOL: That’s my rank.  


MELISSA: Rank! Which means in the nation, with all the BBQ sauces out there, you are 17th?



MELISSA: Wow! That’s high up. Wow.

MELISSA: What is your favorite thing to eat with these sauces?


RASOOL: Chicken and fish. Now I’m trying to eat healthier. I’ve been eating a lot of fish. I mean it’s fun to grill and bake. I use the xxx sauce with fish.


MELISSA: It’s very delicious.


RASOOL: Thank you.


MELISSA: Wow, I am impressed. I am not just lying for the camera, I really am impressed.



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