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Deaf Perspective on CA Wildfires

In the area of Los Angeles, more than 4,000 firefighters continue battling wildfires around the perimeter. Today is the fifth day of these fires. There has been some success while some of these fires are beginning to be contained. There have been no reported deaths other than one person several days ago.


Dry and powerful winds continue to make this task harder for the firefighters. The winds won’t die down until sometime on Saturday. Fires continue to spread on one side while firemen are trying to contain it from another side. Two new fires just ignited from the south: Liberty and Lilac fire in San Diego. Local government officials say they’ve never experienced such a thing in December.


We reached out to a Deaf couple who lives in the LA area - Jevon and Kimberly Whetter who will share their experience with us as Deaf people not having full access at this time.


Kimberly: My name is Kim Whetter.


Jevon: I’m Jevon Whetter, and we live here in LA, California.


Kimberly: We’re going to discuss how this fire has impacted us. What really hit me hard was getting the emergency alert on my phone. My phone just kept lighting up. I mean, it was the middle of the night, I was fast asleep. So how would we be able to hear things like helicopters, cops, PA systems, and more telling us that we need to evacuate? That’s where I’m at.


Jevon: The schools around here have been cancelled for the past two days because of the bad air quality. Even though the smoke has cleared there are still chemicals and burning rubber in the air and you can’t see through it. It’s dangerous to your lungs. So they’ve cancelled school. My school was used as an evacuation center for one day and I’m noticing that the sky is clearing a bit now.

Kimberly: Plus, every time we go outside we’re required to wear a mask. I mean it’s not required but with the debris in the air, that can pack into your lungs.


Thanks Kim and Jevon! If you get the orders to evacuate, please do. Your lives are valuable to us all.


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