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Don’t Fall For Facebook Hoax

Have you been seeing your friends and family posting about how Facebook is changing their privacy settings? They typically urge you to repost the status declaring Facebook does not have the right to use your photos, posts or private information publicly.

Well, rest assured that Facebook has not changed their privacy settings. This is just a hoax going around and it’s nothing new. According to, this post warning Facebook users dates all the way back to 2009 and showed up again in 2012. Facebook released a statement in 2012 addressing the rumors and assured everyone the post is false. Anyone using Facebook owns and controls the content and information they are posting.

Once again, Facebook has released a similar statement and urges everyone to refer back to the terms and conditions they agreed to when signing up for a Facebook account.

This is clearly just a hoax that circulates every few years. Now that Facebook has confirmed the truth, you can stop worrying about these false posts and inform your friends if they’re concerned.


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