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Dripping The New E-Cigarette Fad

Do you know what “dripping” is?


Dripping is a new activity among teenagers these days, which involves the use of an e-cigarette. It’s similar to vaping, but with a new technique.


In order to “drip,” droplets of the e-liquid are placed directly onto an atomizer or the exposed heating coil of an e-cigarette. It produces a cloud of vapor which is immediately inhaled.


The reason this technique has become popular is because it supposedly makes the flavor more intense and gives a stronger hit.


Experts are concerned about “dripping,” and state the higher heating coil temperatures cause alarm for safety. When e-liquid vaporizes, carcinogens, a substance that has the potential to cause cancer, and toxins are created. At higher temperatures, the levels of these two substances increase in the body.


Acrolein and formaldehyde are two known carcinogens. They have the potential to cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which causes difficulty breathing, and nicotine can also cause damage to a developing teenage brain.

More studies are being conducted to discover the significant effects and risks that dripping poses to our lungs and to our bodies.


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