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Elections That Ended Too Close To Call

This year’s election has resulted in Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump being very close in the polls throughout this race. Should it continue as the polls close tonight, this may be another race that's too close to call.


Here are a few examples of those other elections:


In 1796, John Adams became President and Thomas Jefferson became Vice President. The electoral college votes were 71 to 68. In 1800, the two were in the race again and Jefferson became President. The electoral college votes were 73 to 65.


In 1824, John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson ran against each other. None of them received the majority of electoral college votes. The decision was the House of Representatives’ to make, and the win went to Adams.


In 1976, Jimmy Carter won over Gerald Ford. Electoral college votes were 297 to 240.


In December 2000, Florida spent 36 days recounting votes from the Al Gore vs. George W. Bush election. In the end, Bush won 271 to 266.


In 2004, Bush ran for a second term against John Kerry. Bush won electoral college votes, 286 to 251.


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