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Eminem Calls Out Trump

Last night, at the BET Hip Hop Awards, rapper Eminem released his song titled “The Storm” which accuses President Trump of racism, hypocrisy, and disrespect of military veterans. If you watch the video, we warn you that graphic language is included. The 4 and a half minute video was made from Eminem’s hometown, Detroit, Michigan.


His music included criticisms about how Trump handled the situation in Charlottesville, Virginia where there was a rally for white supremacists. They clashed with counter protesters and a woman was killed. Trump stated there was blame to place on all sides, which drew criticism for not directly calling out white supremacists.


He accuses Trump of being bored with the hurricane destruction in Puerto Rico and the shooting in Las Vegas, instead opting to post Twitter barbs towards Colin Kaepernick and NFL players protesting the National Anthem. He has been calling on the NFL to set and enforce policies that ban kneeling during the National Anthem.


He also calls out Trump who is working on a new tax plan and is also being criticized for spending millions of taxpayer dollars on trips to his mansions and golf resorts. Lastly, he criticizes the way Trump is handling the situation with North Korea, which he says could cause a nuclear holocaust. A request was sent to the White House for comments on the video. Eminem’s message is: Pick me or Trump. There has been no response from the White House.


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