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Extreme Winds and Wildfires in LA

Last night, near Los Angeles, there was a weather forecast that concerned many people. On weather forecasts, it can show the wind in different colors. The colors indicate how strong the winds are. Yellow colored winds mean that it is low, a soft brush of wind. Orange indicates a little stronger wind while red means high winds.


Something new came up on the screen: purple colored winds. This means “Extreme Winds”. Extreme winds are very rare in the area. The winds can reach up to 80 miles per hour. This is similar to a Category 1 hurricane winds. This could be dangerous for that area that already has at least 3 major wildfires. The wildfires have so far destroyed 140 square miles of property, houses and businesses. Small fires and embers carried by the wind could ignite new fires.


Officials have been warning millions around the area even through their cell phones. On their cell phones, they will see this


I hope you are all staying safe and paying attention to your officials.


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