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Facebook's New 'Town Hall'

Shortly after the U.S. presidential elections, Facebook was accused of doing nothing to prevent the spread of fake news and disinformation across its network. Its algorithms which show users more of what they like to keep people in the app longer were also blamed for keeping people in “bubbles” where they believe that everyone thinks the same way they do, increasing polarization.


Recently, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, agreed that Facebook has played an important role in politics. On Monday, March 27th,  the social network introduced a new tool that will boost civic engagement.

This new tool will allow U.S users to easily contact their local officials, called “Town Hall.” Zuckerberg felt this was the right move due to Facebook being a large political platform. Zuckerberg wants to focus on using the network to increase civic engagement.


So, how does this work?


Search “Town Hall” in your Facebook search bar, enter your home address, and find your local representative! It’s that easy!


Facebook lets you call, message, email, and go to the Facebook Page of each representative listed. Messages are sent through Facebook Messenger.


In the past, Zuckerberg minimized the concerns over the spread of “fake news” on Facebook, by saying that Facebook was a technology platform, not a media company. Later on, he changed his mind. Now, the company started a variety of fact-checking measures to stop fake news. Facebook is becoming a large role in politics and beyond.

So, what question, comments, or concerns do you have for your local or state politicians?


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