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G20 Summit Violent Protests

The 2017 G20 Summit is currently meeting in Hamburg, Germany. This morning, Friday, July

7th, over 10,000 protesters flocked to the city’s major intersections hoping to block leaders from arriving at the meeting site.


Protesters feel it is not right that a few countries get to decide what happens to the rest of the world. Venting their anger, they burned cars, set fire to trash bins, and hurled rocks at police officers and buildings. Smoke rose over the city, and the police are telling protesters that the police will not tolerate violent behavior.


Authorities will start deploying 20,000 more officers, many dressed in riot gear. The police are using tear gas, smoke bombs and water cannons in an attempt to stop the protesters. Dozens of medics have been on scene treating wounded protesters and officers. The number of people injured and arrested is still unknown.


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