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Gifts to Avoid This Holiday Season

Are you looking to get your family member or friend the perfect gift?


Well, these are gifts recommended not to buy this holiday season.


According to the National Retail Federation, this year, 32% of the U.S. population want consumer electronics, and 40% want digital entertainment; such as: DVDs and video games.


But be careful, some of these products may scam you, or even break after buying!


Tablets seem like the perfect gift. Although, most of these cheap tablets have a major flaw. Many tablets use a version of the Android operating system that cannot be upgraded. Often, Google releases newer and better Android features. The tablet is then stuck with a past operating system. Customers are warned to check a variety of features for each tablet before purchasing.


Many stores offer holiday TV deals. Low-end televisions usually come with only one or two HDMI ports, which are becoming increasingly important for add-on technology. Three HDMI ports are recommended. It’s also recommended to check the “refresh rates” of each television.


What about laptops for school or work? If you’re planning to edit videos, or import hundreds of photos, you’ll need a pricey laptop. Technology sites agree that most decent Windows-based laptops start at nearly $600. Chromebooks are quite inexpensive,but unfortunately, Chromebooks don't run standard computer programs. Be sure to research what features you want on your laptop before throwing our cash away.


Make sure to check important information before buying these bargain deals.


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