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Giraffes Risk Extinction

On Thursday, December 8th, the International Union for Conservation of Nature updated its extinction list. This list includes the giraffe, the tallest land mammal in the world, under vulnerable status. The vulnerable status means that the giraffe has a high risk of becoming extinct. Previously, it was listed under least concern.


The risk of extinction comes after a 36-40% decrease in the giraffe population. In 1985, there were 163,452 giraffes. In 2016, there are 97,562. This is due to illegal poaching and their habitats disappearing.


Other animals that are being threatened with extinction are certain bees and birds, orangutan, elephants and the rhino. Coral reefs are also on the list.


On Monday, December 12, CNN will post a series on their website called “Vanishing”, which reports on the mass extinction event. Tune in if you’re interested.


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