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Global Warming Lawsuit Ruled Valid

A group of 21 young people ranging in age from 9 to 20 have officially won the right to sue their government over global warming.


They are charging President Obama, the fossil fuel industry and other federal agencies with violating their constitutional rights by not taking action against climate control.

On Thursday, November 10th, US District Judge Ann Aiken in Eugene, Oregon ruled that the lawsuit is valid. The US government and energy trade industries are being accused of endangering their rights to life, liberty, property, and to vital public trust resources.

In 2015, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM), the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the US government motioned for the case to be thrown out for “lack of subject matter jurisdiction and failure to state a claim.” That motion was rejected. Judge Aiken found the facts of man-made climate change to be undisputable and supports the group of young people.

Americans are not the only ones standing up against global warming. Last year, a judge in the Netherlands ruled in favor of ordering the country to lower emissions by 25 percent within 5 years. Other countries may do the same as they try to fulfill their Paris Agreement Pledges.


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