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Google Manifesto causes uproar

Many women across the tech industry are very upset over the manifesto circulating within Google which was only recently made public.


The 3,300-word Manifesto was written by a male senior software engineer.


It has been confirmed that the employee was fired on Monday, August 7th.


In the manifesto, he shares several perspectives on why there is such a low number of women employed in the industry.


Several things he argued include that women are simply more biologically inclined for work that includes people and aesthetics, women are more susceptible to workplace stress, and that men naturally crave higher status while women do not. This lack of drive contributes to the lack of women in leadership roles. He also believes that the gender wage gap is a myth.


Lately, Google has been pushing for more diversity within the workplace after many years of poor performance in that department because the company is usually run by predominantly white men.


Making things worse, the tech industry has been plagued with sexual harassment claims and systemic gender discrimination. While many workplaces strive to be more inclusive, there are still people who prefer the male-dominated world.


An annual diversity report the company made public in June, showed that about 69% of its total workforce is male, and 56% of all employees are white.


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