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Gorka, Arpaio and North Korea

While most Fridays signal the end of the work week, the White House continues to a share a flurry of activity.


First, Sebastian Gorka agreed to leave his role as special assistant to the President. Gorka was a strong anti-terrorism and anti-immigration advocate.


Soon after, President Trump granted Joe Arpaio a presidential pardon for his criminal charges. Arpaio is a former Arizona Sheriff who is known for racially profiling immigrants and for ignoring a federal judge’s order to stop his practices. Arpaio, like Gorka, is a strong anti-immigration and Trump supporter. President Trump says he sees it as Arpaio just “doing his job”.


All of this is taking place while President Trump is working on a way to respond to North Korea’s recent missile tests. North Korea conducted a test last Friday by firing three missiles that stopped in the middle of the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.



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