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'Health' Food: Are They Truly Healthy?

Did you know that some foods marketed as “health foods” might not actually be that good for you? We found out which “healthy foods” those are.


Do you like veggie chips? Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokeswoman Kim Larson says that while they are made from healthy foods like beets, sweet potatoes, and taro root, they’re still fried in oil just like regular potato chips. These chips are also high in calories, fat, and salt.


Granola often has honey, oil, and sugar added to it, which can potentially bring a count of up to 500 calories a cup. You’d be better off opting for whole grain, low sugar cereals or oatmeal instead.


Processed smoothies may contain fruits and vegetables, but they can also contain unhealthy ingredients such as sherbet ice cream and fruit juice. Dried fruits may have fiber and minerals, but they can be sweetened and riddled with additives.


Salads are one of the trickiest options for healthy eating. They seem healthy, until you add a fatty dressing. Too many nuts, cheese, and other ingredients can quickly make a salad unhealthy.

Lastly, popular breakfast foods like instant oatmeal, yogurt, and wheat bread can have issues of their own. Instant oatmeal and yogurt tend to be loaded with sugar, and many wheat bread options tend to just be white bread with added fiber.


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