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How has human height changed over the last 100 years?

Did you know that some humans today are taller than our ancestors?


Researchers discovered that in the last century, people from central and southern Europe, as well as East Asia, have increased in height. Some countries have also shown decreases in the average height of an adult.


Researchers found that Dutch men, reaching nearly 6 feet, and Latvian women, standing at 5 feet 7 inches, are the tallest in the world.


Being tall is often associated with better health, such as living longer and being less likely to suffer from heart disease. Taller women are also less likely to have complications during birth. However, researchers do mention that taller people are associated with certain types of cancers as well.


A century ago, American men ranked as the third tallest in the world. Now they rank 37th, with an average height of 5 feet 10 inches. American women used to be the fourth tallest in the world, and now they stand at 42nd.According to the recent research, Americans didn’t increase in height, but did make gains in body mass.


Here’s a fun fact: countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, and Estonia have the tallest men and women in the world.


Hmmmmm…. I wonder why?


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