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Hurricane Harvey Update

Today is Friday, August 25th. I’m Karla Gutierrez, and here are your top news stories for today.


Sometime late Friday or early Saturday morning, Category 3 Hurricane Harvey is predicted to hit the coast of Texas and Louisiana. The storm will slow down as it goes through the state all day Saturday and Sunday. It’s possible the storm will be so bad that some areas will become uninhabitable for up to weeks or months.


A storm surge warning is in effect for those living on the Texas coast. There will be very heavy rain in some areas causing floods that could reach 6 to 12 feet above ground especially near rivers. The damage in some areas could be catastrophic.


Texas officials announced mandatory evacuations for all seven counties on the coast. Residents in those areas are warned that if they choose to stay, rescues are not guaranteed. Though not mandatory, residents of the city Corpus Christi can voluntarily evacuate.


The National Hurricane Center has advice for those stuck in the storm. The winds will be very heavy so bring in or tie down anything that can be picked up by the wind. You should have your emergency kit ready including first aid, and checkbook and insurance information. Be sure to have bottled water, dry canned food and a can opener with you. If you have pets; be sure to have a muzzle, collar, leash and proper ID on your pets.


Stay safe everyone!



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