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Internet Inventor Suggests Improvements

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, has some suggestions for improving online privacy and content credibility. To celebrate the web’s 28th birthday, he wrote an open letter on the subject. Berners-Lee is most worried about privacy and misuse of personal data and raises three issues in his letter. First, it’s necessary for Internet companies to give “a fair amount of data control” back to Web users.


Second, government surveillance has a chilling effect on the web because if people are afraid the government is watching them, they may avoid searching for religious, health and other personal or sensitive information on the Web.


Third, social media sites and search engines must fight fake news. According to Berners-Lee, the algorithms used on the internet value fake news the same as factual, real news, making it difficult to distinguish between fake and real news. Berners-Lee says the effort to prevent fake news and improve privacy will take at least five years.



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