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Interview with Aubree, deaf fighter

MELISSA: So this Saturday is your first fight since your loss.






MELISSA: How are you feeling?


AUBREE: Nervous!! Excited!! Of course, I’m positive. I can do this. I will defeat. I will do my best. I will say, “Will beat.” I’m going to say this now. I will!


MELISSA:Did you know that there is a Deaf female MMA fighter out there? Yes! Her name is Aubree Thompson. She’s from Utah and now lives in Portland, Oregon. She’s known as the “Silent Assassin.” At the height of 5 feet 3 inches, she’s proving that anything is possible! Aubree has been fighting for six years, and this Saturday is her first fight in almost a year. When she’s not fighting, she’s a full-time barber. She’s very nervous and excited for her next fight! She will be fighting for her aunt, who was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer and she will be flying over to watch her fight. How sweet is that?


We reached out to Aubree for an interview and asked her to share with us. Take a look.


MELISSA: I’m curious, how did your family and friends react to your fighting career?


AUBREE: My mom - she was nervous at first. Now, she’s rooting for me!! Like, “Go, go!” My aunt doesn’t like violence, she hates violence. She knows I’m fighting for her so she’s flying in to watch me for the first time.


MELISSA: Special.


AUBREE: Very special.


MELISSA: What do you have to do to turn into a pro?


AUBREE: Working on my speed. Girls in Pro are FAST! Like fast! I was like, “Ok, ok. I’ll need to work on that.” I need more BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) training, wrestling, working on movements. Cardio! I need more cardio.


MELISSA: Yeah, more cardio!

AUBREE: Because as a pro, it’s 5 minutes per round. Amateurs only have 3 minutes per round. So when I go pro, I’ll have to run more. More cardio. Yes.


MELISSA: Wow, cool. There’s another question I want to ask you. Have you ever been really hurt?




MELISSA: What’s the worst injury you’ve experienced?


MELISSA: Do you mind sharing your worst injury?


AUBREE: In my last fight, I lost due to “Armbar”/“Armlock”. The bone in my arm went up. That was the.. worst pain I’ve ever been in my life. It was 35 degrees out of the way. I could FEEL EVERYTHING! The pain, the bone, the ligament, the tendon, all of it. Ugh, it was so painful. I couldn’t do anything. I had to keep my arm like this all the way.


MELISSA: How long did it take to heal?


AUBREE: About 8 months. Right now, I would say it’s 97 percent better. It still hurts. I don’t think it’ll ever go away. Maybe in two years if I stop training.


MELISSA: You won’t, right?


AUBREE: Right. I’m gonna keep going!


MELISSA: Tell me your boxing name! Aubree the Silent Assassin.


AUBREE: Really, my coach, my first coach, was trying to find a name for me for my first fight. I was like, “I don’t know, I don’t know.” I thought the word “assassin” was fitting, but I needed something that was missing. At first, it was “Grave Digger.” I was like, “No. I don’t dig graves!” No, that didn’t fit me.  The next was “Tank.” I said no. It was endless until my coach said, “Hey! How about Quiet Assassin?” At first, I was like, that sounds weird. And then I thought, Silent. Then, it was perfect, because I’m very quiet in training.




AUBREE: I don’t talk. I’m quiet when I train. I’m too focused. And I can’t hear. So, that was the perfect name for me to have. Everyone’s called me that since.


The fight will be this Saturday, December 2nd. The event is called “Rumble at the Roseland” at Roseland Theatre in Portland, Oregon. The doors will open at 6pm, and the fight starts at 7pm! Tickets cost between $29 - $59 on! If you are in Portland, Oregon, this is your chance! Good luck, Aubree!


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